Fibre Connectivity

Fibre to the home (FTTH) is coming soon. The roll-out will begin in the next few months and we will be offering new and existing clients the opportunity to upgrade to fibre and higher access speeds.

Sign up now to avoid the rush and be one of the first inline when fibre becomes available in your street. All applications will be processed and waiting so that installations can begin as soon as the fibre is commissioned in your street. Signing up also now means we can do a site visit and start planning access from the street to your house, so that everything is ready and there are no delays once the fibre is active.

WiFi Connectivity

The SimbithiNet network is run on a fiber backbone to all base stations within the estate. We use Mikrotik wireless equipment for base stations and CPE (client premises equipment).

The last mile from the base stations to the client premises is therefore via wireless, with all back haul links from the base stations to the data center at Simbithi via fiber optic cable.

ADSL Connectivity

ADSL over Telkoms copper network is available to clients what have Telkom infrastructure in place at their residence.

We can manage the line and provide capped or uncapped ADSL bandwidth for you at very competitive prices.

If you are tired of bad telephonic support and long wait times for a technician to be dispatched when you have line problems then this is for you!

Mobile Connectivity

Client who are unable to immediately connect to our WiFi or ADSL network, or who are looking for an affordable roaming solution can apply for our mobile cellular connectivity.

We can provide you with a simm card and wireless router to get you up and running quickly.

Website Hosting

Every web domain address you register and host with us comes with free website and email hosting. We also offer website design packages using templates or custom made to your individual requirements. All of our websites are hosted on our local servers and not overseas as is the norm with so many hosting companies these days. This means low latencies and faster loading times. We offer hosting on both Linux and Windows web servers.

Domain Registration

Choosing your domain name is the first step towards having your brand out there on the World Wide Web.Our domain’s are available with or without hosting, which means if you just want to reserve a domain name for use at a later stage or just to prevent anyone else from acquiring that brand name we can do that for you to.

We can register any domain for you, from .Com, .Org, .Net to and anything else that is out there!

Virtual Servers

We provide high quality VPS (virtual private server) hosting. All of our VPS servers are hosted locally in world class data centers on state of the art hardware.

A virtual private server (VPS, also referred to as Virtual Dedicated Server or VDS) is a method of partitioning a powerful physical server into multiple servers that each has the appearance and capability of running on its own dedicated machine. Each virtual server runs on its own operating system. We support Linux and Windows operating systems.


We supply just about any hardware you can think of. From PC’s and laptops to phones and tablets we can provide it all. Added benefit to estate residents is that we can also deliver and install the hardware for you. Having problems with equipment damage due to load shedding? Contact us for a solution, whether it be a UPS or inverter and battery solution you require we can recommend, supply, deliver and install any hardware for you.