Terms & Conditions:

1. Wireless CPE, APs, Hubs and Phone Devices supplied and owned by SimbithiNet and never sold.

2. This is a best effort home service. There are no OLAs or SLAs. Online and remote support is available Monday to Friday from 07:30 am to 17:30 pm. E-mail support is available after hours. Onsite support is next BUSINESS day.

3. Any support required not directly related to equipment faults and the standard service provided is not covered by our    service and call-out/support fees apply.

4. Service conditional to mounting the wireless CPE (client premise equipment) device on the outside of the client’s building facing the nearest highsite.

5. Contract Period is 12 months, thereafter the service is month to month with a calendar month notice period. All pricing listed unless otherwise stated are inclusive of VAT.

6. SimbithiNet is not responsible or accountable for any internal usage or abuse.
We do not monitor what the internet is being used for. We only calculate usage that is being generated for billing purposes. We provide graph usage on request which is basic reporting per device.

7. Internal WiFi signal may need to be boosted dependent on a properties size and this will require additional equipment at extra cost. An internal access point that covers a reasonable area in a standard sized house is provided by SimbithiNet.Should further coverage inside the residence be required, please contact us for a free assessment and quote.

8. SimbithiNet has no control over load shedding and / or power issues in the area. We recommend clients purchase a ups or battery backup solution to prevent damage to equipment installed as well as the associated downtime that may be experienced due to power related incidents.